What kind of transparent acrylic sheet is good?

2021/12/07 14:38

I believe many people will have questions, what kind of transparent acrylic sheet is good? The appearance of transparent acrylic sheet is the same, how to tell whether it is good or bad? For this kind of question, Tomson Technology editor will introduce the skills of buying transparent acrylic sheet with you. , to help you choose good quality transparent acrylic sheet.

What kind of transparent acrylic sheet is good?.jpg

1. Light transmittance identification

After a good acrylic sheet is irradiated with white light, the light that comes out is very pure, the mouth of the sheet does not turn yellow or blue, and the good sheet has a higher light transmittance.

2. The color of the plate mouth

The mouth (edge) of the transparent acrylic sheet of good quality should be transparent. If it turns yellow, discolored, or hazy, it must be a defective product. If the color of the mouth is too yellow, it should be produced from recycled materials.

3. Identification of soft rubber edge

New boards and good materials are packaged with soft rubber edges to prevent rubbing. So this can be used as a differentiator between recycled material and new board.

4. Board feel

By stroking the acrylic sheet, if the surface of the acrylic sheet is smooth, round, delicate, and feels good, and it is not easy to leave finger marks, it is the best product.

5. Appearance inspection

A good acrylic sheet has a very beautiful appearance, good light transmission, no pitting, no yellowing, shrinkage and other undesirable phenomena. On the contrary, the appearance of a sheet produced with bad materials is the so-called recycled material. Very poor, pitted, a lot of impurities, the quality is difficult to guarantee.

6. Listen to the sound

If the sound is not crisp and dull when hitting the surface or corner of the acrylic sheet, it is the real product. On the contrary, if the tapping sound is crisp, it may be a polystyrene material pretending to be an acrylic sheet.