Clear acrylic sheet is a popular and versatile plastic material that is widely used in several industries. It is a transparent thermoplastic material that can be molded, formed, and cut into various shapes and sizes. Clear acrylic sheet is also known as polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) and is widely
2023/06/13 15:24
Mirrored acrylic sheet is made from clear acrylic sheet and colored acrylic sheet with electroplate processing to get the mirror finish. The front surfece with mirror reflecting effect with protection film and back side with painting to protect the mirror. Mirrored acrylic sheet is weather proof,
2023/02/03 17:15
Clear acrylic sheet is colorless and apparent, its transparency is the topmost taken into consideration viewed one of plastic, its transmittance is extra than 92% for one hundred percent virgin uncooked material. appropriate adaptability to natural surroundings, lengthy time below sunlight, wind
2023/02/03 16:51
Clear acrylic sheet is colorless and apparent, its transparency is the topmost viewed one of plastic, its transmittance is greater than ninety two % for one hundred percent virgin raw material. Appropriate adaptability to herbal surroundings, long time below sunlight, wind and rain, its belongings
2023/01/05 15:56
The PVC marble sheet is with large advantage 1/5 weight of herbal marble and price 1/10 of herbal marble only. It is invented to replace herbal marble or granite for wall decoration.The surface of PVC wall panel ought to be laminated various designs PVC movie or hot stamped more than a few designs
2023/01/05 15:06
The iridescent acrylic in addition known as rainbow coloured acrylic sheet and dichroic acrylic sheet.It show splendid shade considered from magnificent aspect.Notably utilized in wedding ceremony ceremony decoration, domestic decoration, inventive endeavors and exhibit product and many others.
2022/12/12 14:18
Our acrylic replicate can be nicely reduce with the aid of laser desktop and CNC machine. It can comes with lower back adhesive or returned painting. We grant customized reducing to any structure or size. The mirrored acrylic sheet is best for decoration, craft, dome decor and many others.Replicate
2022/12/12 11:59
The PVC foam boatd is good substitution of wood. The raw material is PVC which with not only features of woodplast, but also light weight and can be printed, engraved easily.Applications:1. Advertising: printing,engraving,cutting,sawing signs, display, exhibition boards .2. Industrial use: wall
2022/12/12 09:45
Imitation marble plate is a paint-free composite plate, its characteristics are: green environmental protection, smooth surface, feel comfortable, colorful and elegant, paint-free non-toxic, no formaldehyde release, anti-corrosion and waterproof, flame retardant, good rigidity, impact resistance,
2022/11/08 09:39
1. HardnessAcrylic sheet hardness is an important parameter that can well reflect the production process and technology, and is also a quality control link. Hardness can reflect the purity of raw materials MMA, sheet weather resistance and high temperature resistance. Hardness can directly
2022/11/08 09:21
Advertising applications: light box, sign letter, display ranks, table card etc.Food use: Cake stand, sugar drawer, fruit tray, food packaging etc.   Building applications: window,sound barrier, partition, telephone booth, etc.   Traffic applications: Car door viser,  rearview mirror etc.   
2022/11/08 09:16
1. Light weight2. Smooth surface and easy printing 3. Good plasticity, remarkable in thermoforming 4. High impact5. Anti chemical corrosion, Non toxic6. Good warmness preservation 7. Good sound insulation and shock absorption 8. Unfading and anti aging
2022/10/14 15:30