Pastel color is usually attractive, many people love pastel especially the young. Pastel colored acrylic is also loved by people ( we also call it candy color acrylic or Macaroon Color Acrylic ) . Its widely used for artwork, small decoration part, Kids room decoration etc.Different with regular
2022/09/29 15:04
Organic board, also known as acrylic board, is a thermoplastic amorphous resin.Its characteristics are: 1 Colorless, tasteless and shiny, light, low water absorption and strong coloring.2. Stable molecular structure and good insulation.3. impact resistance, strong hardness, strong weather
2022/03/17 16:58
We can see many transparent acrylic sheet products and glass products on the market, but many people cannot distinguish them, and some people even confuse the two. The editor of Tomson Technology pointed out that in fact, transparent acrylic plate and glass are very different. The following editor
2021/12/07 15:14
This article studies the sales volume and sales revenue of acrylic sheets in the global market, major regions and major countries, and also focuses on analyzing the competitive situation of major manufacturers (brands) around the world, acrylic sheet sales, prices, revenue and market share.In view
2021/12/07 14:41
The sneeze guard is widely used in our life. It can be made from different material like glass, PVC, PETG, PS etc, while the acrylic sneeze guard seems to be the most popular because of it's unique features. The acrylic sneeze guard is with extremely high transparency and flat surface. We can see
2021/11/01 14:40
Jinan Mutual Decoration Materials Co., Ltd. get ready the 2000pcs acrylic mirror sheet order for over sea customer in short time, so that it could be dispatched before the Chinese New Year Holiday. This order include silver colored mirror acrylic, gold colored mirror acrylic, blue mirrored acrylic
2021/12/07 14:39
I believe many people will have questions, what kind of transparent acrylic sheet is good? The appearance of transparent acrylic sheet is the same, how to tell whether it is good or bad? For this kind of question, Tomson Technology editor will introduce the skills of buying transparent acrylic
2021/12/07 14:38